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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Duets that should never happen.

~Z~ I do not listen to the radio because I hate it and they over play songs. However I love music. Therefore I must seek music out or watch music television to find new songs. I pretty much stick to my roots in the FUSE alternative rock world but every once in a while I feel like going on an adventure and trying something new. So the other day I was flipping though the channels and happen to notice Jay Sean on BET and stopped to find out about him for a minute. I learned that he has a beautiful British accent, yay for him. And hes very pretty period... yay for him again... I also learned that I generally approve of him so far because his music is catchy and he doesn't immediately come across as a douche bag the way most R&B/Rap stars come across.

However... as they started to play his video for "Do you remember" I saw that Sean Paul was in it and I was all excited and then... I saw that Lil Jon was also in it.... Why? Why would anyone ruin a smooth, bubbly R&B song with random "HEY!" "HEY!" "SING TO THE LADIES" being thrown into the background? Lame. Has anyone told Lil Jon that hes been reduced to joke level? I'm pretty sure Dave Chapelle made it obvious.... can I get a "YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!" ?


oh well. the song is still good bc Sean Paul makes up for it.

Anyways so that was only the first thing I found strange... the TV was on mute after some commercials and I looked up to notice 50 cent... great. Me least favorite rapper right down to the lack of an "s" at the end of cent. saaaarcaaaassssmmmmm. I find him to be about the most repulsive human being on the planet. He is just an ugly mess and his songs are talentless. How many times can you sing about loving money and t&a before people finally get tired of you? His songs are disgusting... but maybe he can't help it... I still maintain that he is actually a gorilla in disguise.

SSSSSHHHHHHHH! Its a secret!

Anyways the music video on mute seemed really nice. 50 cent all dressed up and taking care of some lady like he was actually in love... and to make things more interesting it was a duet with Ne-Yo who is actually kinda classy and likes to sing about women who are strong and independent and intelligent.... so I was curious....and then I unmuted it... and was auditorally assaulted with various dirty sex references... why did Ne-Yo stoop to this? Who did they think would benefit? Was 50 cent trying to make himself more palatable to non rap fans or was Ne-Yo trying to gain cred? I don't get it and I don't think it worked for either one.

And my night of confusion wasn't over yet! The NEXT song was even more interesting... Chris Brown and Plies. This was my first experience with Plies... and this is what it looked like:

Terrifying isn't it.... the nightmares abound and I seek therapy. I don't even know how to begin with this guy because I have no idea how someone even more disgusting than 5o cent got famous... and why a poppy teenager like Chris Brown would think that he could benefit from this guy in anyway is beyond me.... however we do all know now that there is a pretty nasty side to Chris Brown so maybe him and Plies are actually kindred spirits....


Thus concludes my epic venture into the land of BET and mismatched duets.

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