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Or us rather. We are two people who have frequently been been astounded and intrigued by the world and the human race. Freak accidents, incidents beyond belief, witness to incredible stupidity as well genius, and other such things have left us feeling like our lives our like movies, inspiring us to create this blog. Z = Green, D = Blue

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hottie McMcAlister's Pants

Ok so Tuesday was awesome for a few reasons:

1. Went to McAlister's where we got to oogle the hot servers

2. Played trivia at a resturant where I discovered that I am truly meant to follow baseball because I knew in my soul the sum of Babe Ruth's number, how many Yankees were in the hall of fame, how many home runs player don't-remember-his-name hit, and how many titles the yankees have won. 106 was the answer, I guessed 112 while everyone else was way way off. That's right. I know things. I am very in touch with my inner baseball fan.

3. Went to a well known wing place because that just wasn't enough trivia to satisfy us and it was the craziest wing place I have ever seen. It was full of teenage "Canadians" which I wish I could expound upon but somebody would take it the wrong way. There was a chain keeping people from getting in unless the security guard let you and he had a gun on him. I was like "that is really intense" and he said "you'd be surprised." I said "I only want to sell some drugs in the bathroom is that ok? I promise no violence" and he said "sure" making him awesome. (D here... shall I also mention that in this particular establishment, the choice of music was completely contrary to the demographic at hand... it made me chuckle a bit but I pretended not to be enjoying it)

4. We were the ONLY 3 people playing trivia in the whole place despite the fact that it was packed. I didn't know that was possible at this particular establishment. I used the blog name as my trivia name but luckily all of our fans were really cool about it and didn't bug us too much.

5. While we were playing trivia the drunk guy sitting next to D leaned over and said "I hate you." D had not said a word to this man nor even really looked at him. (I know I can be mean sometimes, but I didn't know I would incite the hate of random strangers)

Random Facts you should know
- Allotrophy is a chemical term for a substance that can exist in two or more different forms
- The Korean War did not end with a peace treaty
- A glass building used to grow plants is called a greenhouse. Which could also be the easiest trivia question ever asked.
- If you wanna avoid being embarassed that you couldn't handle your drink, just pour it down the sink while no one is looking and then pretend you drank it. (I have NO idea what you are talking about here, Z)

This is a song I wrote for D that expresses her true feelings about a certain someone. Hopefully he will hear it one day and it will touch his heart.

"Ode to Hottie McMcAlister's Pants"

Theres a place I like to go
When my hunger starts to show
Its a grand ole place you know
because its where I see my beau!

Oh hottie McMcAlister's Pants
won't you bring me my spud!
because I think you're quite a stud.
I hope you are thinking about me
while you pour all that sweet, sweet tea

I love the way you look
when all my money you took
your eyes snared me like a hook
I read you like a book

Oh hottie McMcAlister's Pants
won't you bring me my spud!
because I think you're quite a stud.
I hope you are thinking about me
while you pour all that sweet, sweet tea

One day you'll see
You'd be into me
Thank god for Facebook!
Wait... is that your girlfriend!?

(This is the best song, EVER)


  1. That IS the best song ever. And I hate to say that while playing trivia last night, I botched a Star Wars question, something about how much money Revenge of the Sith made compared to its cost.

    My computer didn't recognize "sith" as a word. Fail.

  2. That is really funny bc while we were there I kept saying that if all of the questions were about star wars and chemistry I would kick everyones butt lol - Z

    PS become a follower so I dont have to facebook you with updates sillyhead!

  3. I am totally gonna turn this into a real song...lol. You will hear it soon! ;)