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Or us rather. We are two people who have frequently been been astounded and intrigued by the world and the human race. Freak accidents, incidents beyond belief, witness to incredible stupidity as well genius, and other such things have left us feeling like our lives our like movies, inspiring us to create this blog. Z = Green, D = Blue

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How is Channing Tatum so popular??

Ok so we saw GI Joe yesterday. Now I have been saying for months that I knew this movie would be horrible because the cast is full of well known yet never-done-better-then-B movies actors. However, who wouldn't wanna see the GI Joe movie regardless of its awfulness? So when D suggested it I was up for it, knowing that there would be some special experiences involved and I was not disappointed.

As for the movie itself it was.... loud. And it was also loud. It completely lived up to what anyone would expect from the commercials as far as some awesome CG animation and a crap ton of explosions. Not to mention somewhere between 125,000 and 15o,000 cars were destroyed in the making of this film. I counted. It's hard to say what my favorite part about the movie was... there are just so many things that were awesome. I think its a tie between the ninja fighting amongst random background information from their childhood, the cheesy stereotypical black guy cracks, the horrible horrible acting from Channing Tatum, and the fantastic monotone downplayed delivery of the well known line "and knowing is half the battle" from Dennis Quaid.

But the REAL experience of this movie was the auidence's reaction to it. Because they LOVED it. Seriously. They cheered at the end because they got so pumped up by the badly written overly simplified action they couldn't contain their excitement inside of their easily influenced and entertained minds. The best audience member was a girl sitting in the back. Now I won't give anything away but lets just say that during the movie a question arises that you know they will answer before the movie ends. Then there is some crazy action as the Joes save the world. When the action ended the girl in the backed whooped and started clapping and then the screen changed as the director took us back to the obviously till open ended part of the plot. When the scene change happened, overly excited chick embarrasingly stopped clapping and said "OH YEAH!" Now the "answer" to this question was so obvious that D and I called it within the first half an hour of the movie but I guess some of our fellow audience members weren't as quick on the uptake as we were because they audibly gasped causing me to bust out laughing.

The worst experience was that when the credits started rolling the guy sitting behind me jumped out of his seat with energy, looked at his friend, and shouted "DUDE? was that better than Terminator!?" I almost punched him in the face with the words "Don't you EVER compare Batman to Denis Quaid again!" I mean SERIOUSLY? The cast, director, and writers alone make it PRETTY damn obvious which is the better pick. sigh. people make me sad.


= There is no competition here....

Interesting/Awesome things that happened yesterday
- As I waited for D to get out of work the worlds largest man walked in front of my car towards the pizza place I was near. And by walk I mean he sort of thrusted his weight using one hip at a time in a motion that caused him to move forward.
-D and I once again realized that we are eachothers perfect wingmen and came up with some PLANS for a few hotties we have targeted lol
-Got free dinner bc the manager was awesome
-Found out what it was like to get my soul PROBED
- witnessed a true drug addict walk aimlessly around a diner late at night for about a half an hour. At one point she walked outside and twirled around the parking lot eliciting the waiter near by to mutter "what is this freak doing?" When she came back in she for whatever reason gave her backpack to someone else and then proceeded to walk past us again. This time with two full bottles of pills waving in her hands as she walked, confirming the fact that she was totally wasted.
- *D about 5 feet from a city bus* "Is that a fire truck?"
Z - "Yeah. It's a fire truck."
-Found out that the pill lady was walking funny because she must have been hanging out with J when he was tree climbing and fell. She still has that branch stuck up her bum!


  1. Are you sure it was a branch and not more of her pills?

  2. haha! yeah maybe there wasnt enough room left in her hands...